Single-use 1on1

for personalized one-time events
The single-use scheduling pageMobile version of the single-use scheduling page
casual coffee
outbound sales
lunch meetings

How it works

Enter meeting information

First, choose a title, then add a location such as a video conferencing app or physical location, and finally, select the meeting duration.


Select times to propose

Drag the area on the calendar to select your availability.
You can connect your calendar to overlay your existing events to make the process easier.


Send invite link or copy as text

Create an invite link and send it to the recipient.
You can also copy times as text and paste in email, Slack or Facebook Messenger.


For recipients


Pick a time

No sign-up or account required
Overlay existing events from your own calendar
Time zone is automatically adjusted


One-click to add to calendar
Meeting URL will be autmatically generated when remote

Features people love


Each invite page is created for a particular meeting with a particular person.
It's a unique one-time link.

Scheduling page with a participant's name in title

Zoom & Google Meet integration

Meeting URL is automatically generated once the meeting is scheduled.

The interface of Zoom meeting URL generated

Calendar overlay

Put your existing events on the same page to speed up the time selection.
Available for the recipients too.

The interface of the calendar overlay

Automatically add to calendar

Once the meeting is scheduled, it will be added to your calendar app.
No more human errors.

The interface of calendar configuration

Prevent double-bookings

Connect your calendar app and Attendar automatically checks for event conflicts.

The interface of event conflict check

Block out times on your calendar like a pro

Blocking out times you suggest is just a click away. Make sure they are available for the recipient.

Copy & paste as text

You can copy suggesting times as text and paste them in email, Slack or Facebook Messenger.
HTML text supported.

The interface of copying times as text format

Show your preferences

Set times as preferred so that the recipient knows which options work better for you than the others.

The interface of setting times as preferred

Auto time suggestions

Attendar can automatically pick times for you based on your availability in your calendar.
Available with co-attendees.


Custom confirmation message

Show a message for the recipient when the meeting is confirmed to say a quick thank you or that you are looking forward to it.

The scheduled page with a custom message

Password protection

You can set a password for the scheduling links you share to protect access.

The interface of password setting

Time zone support

Scheduling remote meetings with someone from a different time zone? Not a problem.

The interface of choosing a time zone

Add co-attendee

Invite people to your scheduling and check their availabilities on the same page.

The interface of adding co-attendee

No sign-up required. Give it a try!