Availability Poll

Group scheduling made easy
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cross-org team meetings
dinner with friends
group interviews
board meetings
brainstorming sessions

How it works

Enter meeting information

First, choose a title, then add a location such as a video conferencing app or physical location, and finally, select the meeting duration.


Select times to suggest

Choose time slots for your group to vote for.
You can connect your calendar to overlay your existing events to make the process easy.


Share invite link with your group

Advanced settings such as custom questions, voting deadlines, and password protection are available.


For participants


Vote for each time option

No sign-up or account required
Overlay existing events from your calendar
Time zone is automatically adjusted


One-click to block out times on calendar
Get notified when the event is finalized

Features people love

No sign-up required

Anyone can use Polls without an account or email address.

People without an account can use

Custom questions

Create a form to collect information from participants when they vote.

The interface of custom form builder

Calendar overlay

Put your existing events on the same page to speed up the time selection.
Available for the recipients too.

The interface of calendar overlay

Set a voting deadline

People can vote until the time you specify. After that, the voting closes.

The interface of setting a voting deadline

Block out times on your calendar like a pro

One click to block out the times on your calendar


Check results from Dashboard

View voting results and answers, pick a time to finalize

The interface of displaying voting results

Password protection

You can set a password for scheduling links you share so that your meeting is secured.

The interface of password setting

Time zone support

Scheduling remote meetings with someone from a different time zone? Not a problem.

A screenshot of time zone selection

No sign-up required. Give it a try!