The only scheduling tool you'll ever need

Attendar supports all types of scheduling

Single-use 1on1

Create personalized one-time scheduling links and share your availability in seconds.

The recipient simply chooses the time and the meeting is set up automatically.

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Single-use scheduling page

Availability Poll

Create scheduling polls for your group and let people vote for the times they prefer.

By overlaying existing events in the calendar, people can easily find the times that work best for them.

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Availability poll page

Booking Page

Coming soon

Create your booking page and share your availability to let people schedule meetings and appointments with you from a single page.

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Booking page

Make your scheduling more convenient

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Outlook Calendar logo
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Calendar integration

Overlay existing events to speed up the time selections
Automatically add to calendar when scheduled
Avoid scheduling conflicts while scheduling multiple meetings simultaneously
Check for conflicts across multiple calendars
Scheduling page with calendar connected
Zoom logo
Google Meet logo
Coming soon

Zoom & Google Meet integration

Automatically generate meeting links when scheduled
Easily access meeting links from your calendar or Attendar Dashboard
The interface when Zoom meeting URL is generated
Slack logo
Coming soon

Slack integration

Receive notifications in Slack
Access and share your scheduling links without leaving Slack
Single-use 1on1

Copy & paste proposed times as text

No more manual typing
Copy as HTML text and paste it in emails, Slack, or Facebook Messenger
The interface to copy times as text format

Time zone support

Times are automatically adjusted based on the recipient's time zone
Manually change the displayed time zone
The interface of time zone selection
Availability Poll

Create custom form

Create your own custom form to ask questions and collect information from recipients
The interface to add custom questions
Coming soon

Attendar Dashboard

Go beyond meeting scheduling

Organize your meetings in one place

Scheduling and conducting meetings should  be able to flow easily. Attendar Dashboard is designed to be the go-to place where you can manage all your meetings, save time, and stay on top of things.

Dashboard home page

Quick & easy access to meeting information

Finding a meeting URL or related files is just a click away. No more digging and searching in email or Slack messages.
Organize all your meetings in one place and let Attendar be your "meeting hub."

Meeting detail page on dashboard

Create meeting docs, attach files

Coming soon

Attendar has a built-in editor where you can create meeting agendas and minutes to share with participants. You can also attach files and they will be shared instantly.

Meeting note page on dashboard

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