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"All-in-one" explained

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Single-use 1on1

Quickly create personalized one-time scheduling links with a few clicks. Your recipients will love the tailored invites made just for them.

Sign-up is completely optional for both the host and the recipient.

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Single-use scheduling page

Availability Poll

Creating polls for group scheduling has never been easier. Let people vote and choose the time that works for the most people.

Sign-up is completely optional for both the host and the recipient.

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Availability poll

Booking Page

Coming soon

Schedule multiple appointments, bookings, or meetings with a single page.

Highly customizable and suitable for all uses.

Booking page

Save recipients' time, as well as yours

Sending a scheduling link might seem awkward at first, but helps avoid back and forth emails, making scheduling efficient and so much easier with the power of software.

Automate your scheduling workflow

Integrate your favorite calendar apps or video conference apps to streamline your scheduling.

Avoid scheduling conflicts

Whether your availability has changed or you are scheduling multiple meetings, Attendar makes sure your meetings don't overlap.

Manage all your meetings in one place

Attendar's Dashboard helps you organize all of your meetings in one place with
its intelligently designed interface. Go from a bird's eye view to micro with
built-in editing tools.

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Easily integrate with the tools you use

Boost your scheduling capability
Google Calendar logo

Google Calendar

Overlay your existing events, block out times, or add meetings automatically.

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Outlook Calendar

Sync your calendars, easily update your availability.

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Get notifications in Slack for better productivity.

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Automatically generate a meeting link when a meeting is scheduled.

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Google Meet

Create a meeting link automatically when a meeting is scheduled.

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Microsoft Teams

Coming in 2022

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Apple Calendar

Coming in 2022

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Chrome extension

Coming in 2022

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Coming in 2022

What our customers say:

Easy to use, works for any types of scheduling

I really like the idea that Attendar can be used for any meeting whether it's a quick 1-on-1 or a group gathering. And just unbelievable that it's free to use even without an account.

Rodorigo profile photo
Rodri Fernández Touza
McKinsey & Company

Beautifully designed, intuitive!

I recently switched to Attendar to schedule all my meetings with clients and colleagues. I really love its clean interface. It saves my time and stress on scheduling :)

Alejandra profile photo
Alejandra Merit
Startup Event Organizer


Frequently asked questions
What makes Attendar different from other scheduling tools?
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There are 3 things that separate Attendar from others.

1. All-in-one : No need to use different tools for different scheduling needs.
2. No sign-up required : You don't have to create an account or enter an email address to try it out.
3. Intuitive interface : Because it's something you share with others and use every day, we put a lot of effort into creating the best design.

Can I use Attendar without an account?
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Yes, absolutely. For one-to-one scheduling and polls, you can create scheduling links without an account or email address, so it works for your basic scheduling needs.
We designed Attendar so you can experience its value without needing to create an account.

Does the recipient have to have an Attendar account?
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No, they do not. They can access the scheduling page you share and select what works for them.

What's the difference between Attendar's plans?
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You can use Attendar without creating an account as a guest, or sign up for the Free Plan to access more features like managing your meetings in the Dashboard. If you are doing a lot of scheduling or want to use Attendar with a team, and to access more complex, user-friendly tools, consider upgrading to a paid plan.

No sign-up required. Give it a try!