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Booking Page

Share your availability and let people book your time
Attendar booking page
office hours
recruiting interviews
sales appointments

How it works

Set up your availability and constraints

Configure your weekly availability preferences, and extra constraints such as buffer times, minimum notice, etc.


Customize booking form

Select what you want your bookers to fill in when making an appointment. You can add custom questions as well.


Set up branding & page appearance

Select a page design and appearance that suits your needs.
Now your Booking Page is good to go live!


Get booked

Share your page link or embed it in a website and start accepting appointments and meetings.


For schedulers


Pick a time

No sign-up or account required
Overlay existing events from your own calendar
Time zone is automatically adjusted


One-click to add to calendar
Meeting URL will be autmatically generated when remote
Booking confirmation email is sent automatically

Features people love

Always up-to-date availability

Time slots shown on the booking page is cross-checked with the connected calendar(s) to make sure there is no event conflicts.

Automatically add to calendar

Once the meeting or appointment is scheduled, it will be added to your calendar app.
No more human errors.

Zoom & Google Meet integration

Meeting URL is automatically generated once the meeting is scheduled.

Set buffer time to keep you sane

In a rush? Set a buffer time so that you can stay flexible.


Embed your booking page directly on your website with iframe or a widget.

Slack logo

Slack integration

Receive information in Slack and keep yourself up to date. No need to open multiple apps or miss important events.

Minimum scheduling notice

Manage your time by deciding how soon bookings can be made.

Custom confirmation message

Show a message for the recipient when the meeting is confirmed, to say a quick thank or that you looking forward to it.

Password protection

You can set a password for scheduling links you share so that your meeting is secured.

Time zone support

Scheduling remote meetings with someone from a different time zone? Not a problem.

No sign-up required. Give it a try!