Our Mission

Make scheduling easy

Scheduling is the act of finding a best possible time from the overlaps in both parties' availabilities. It is achieved by applying constraints and preferences to their availabilities, thus we believe that the most of this finding process can be optimized by software. And that's what Attendar aims to do.

We hope that our product will help people save time on scheduling meetings and appointments so that they can spend more time on things that actually matter for their lives.

What We Care

Enhancing productivity

Our fundamental KPI is how much we could improve people's productivity. In a very simple definition, technology is about doing more with less.

Product design

Because we want Attendar to be something people use every day and share with others, we set bar high for design, not just how it looks but also how it works.

Reaching to mass

We want to get Attendar into the hands of millions. And we've designed our product that way visually and functionally to achieve that goal.

Long-term sustainability

We know that building a great software takes time. We are committed for a marathon, not a short race.

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